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What They Do:

A Pediatrician is a medical doctor who manages the physical, behavioral, and mental care for children from birth until age 18. Pediatricians are trained to diagnose and treat a broad range of childhood illnesses, from minor health problems to serious diseases. May refer patients to specialists for further diagnosis or treatment, as needed.

Also Known As:

Developmental Pediatrician, Emergency Room Pediatrician (ER Pediatrician), General Pediatrician, Group Practice Pediatrician, Medical Doctor (MD), Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician, Pediatric Physician, Pediatrician, Physician, Primary Care Pediatrician

Minimum Education Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Bachelor's degree in health science related major: 4 years
  • Medical School: 4 years (including classroom and clinical work)
  • Residency: 3-4 years

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